10 Reasons Marketers Find PM Ads Irresistible

10 Reasons Marketers Find PM Ads Irresistible

PM Ads launched our affiliate program to provide a platform for affiliates to recommend our services to business owners and earn a great commission.

Here are Ten Reasons you should apply:

#1 An Opportunity To Plug Into A Community For The Future

At PM Ads, we believe in the power and the value of affiliate marketing. This is why we want you to benefit from recommending us to other business ventures. This is an opportunity to for you to join the movement, on the right side of things. Your affiliation with us now will be duly recorded as we are fine-tuning our plans to roll out amazing opportunities soon.

#2 Optimal Tracking Instruments

At PM Ads, we have painstakingly devised instruments that enable us to ensure total control of your online ad campaign. This gives you the power to plan it a bit more carefully. This prevents us from paying you less than you deserve, as every deal will accurately detect all activities including Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost per Sale (CPS), Cost per install (CPI), and clearly displayed for your review. This helps us credit you according to your performance

#3 Transparency Of Statistics:

At PBB, we know the value of operating with transparency in our dealings with our affiliates. We want to ensure that you can trust us. We know we cannot do that with fine speeches. This is why we operate with practices that are consistent with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you join our affiliate program today, we will win your trust before you “Cheers” because it’s by openness and trust that we enhance opportunities for long-term business dealings with you.

To take this a notch higher, we have made available dedicated channels by which you can contact us in the event you need clarifications from us as we trade together. Our manager is on hand to answer the concerns of our affiliates. We can both succeed without one party running into losses in our dealings.

This is what we want with you—a relationship, beginning with this opportunity to become our affiliate today. We are bent on always availing you of the data you need to make your decisions and reevaluate your activities and strategies on our platforms. We want your loyalty and we are conscious that the only way we can ensure that is by first being loyal to you. This will help both of us get the best of this relationship. Our transparency will unveil every blind spot that is usually associated with affiliate marketing. You will be adequately furnished with all our tracking information regarding monitoring your performance by our team or any third party, and suggestions will be made to you on the best course of action to take.

#4 Top Of The Tier Commission Rate

Most Affiliate Programs are designed to soothe the interests of the Network. This is the reason many affiliates do poorly despite their amazing work rate.

At PBB Best Buy, we are conscious that you started, or are about starting your affiliate venture to increase your income flow. We have no plan to shed water on that goal of yours. After all, our goals are complementary. We are here too to be profitable. By joining our affiliate program, we take it that you have agreed to work with us so that we both can help each other achieve more. This is why we have pegged the price of our commissions at an amount that is far ahead of the pack. We believe that with one of the best commission rates you can find anywhere in the world, we will be able to keep you happy as you refer more businesses, individuals, and organizations to us.  A happy you make a happy us. A classic win-win affair.

#5 Partnership On A Platter

When you sign up as an affiliate of our platform, you become a kind of partner with us. For us, becoming our affiliate means you want us bigger. What does that mean? Well, you see, we know that the health of your venture will affect us positively. We do not take this for granted. We will contribute to making sure that you are thriving, especially if you are new to the business of marketing. You will have the access to our staff. This means that you can request our help with you and yours in business and trust that will be there for you.

#6 Low Payment Threshold

The payment threshold in affiliate marketing is simply the level of income you, as an affiliate, must reach before a payout is made to you. This means that the payment threshold is the minimum commission you must earn before your money will be transferred to your account. Most affiliate marketing programs have a defined interval at which payments are made to their affiliates.

At PBB Best Buy, we have decided that we leave our payment threshold at the barest minimum level. We believe that we must make your earnings available to you as often as possible as there may be emergencies on your end that we may not understand. This means that your money is available to be transferred to you as soon as your earnings are up to the—surprisingly low—set amount.  This does not rule out the chance of leaving your earnings to build up to any amount you so desire.

#7 Garnished Menu

Affiliating with us, you are boosting your own sites. I will explain. You see; every visitor to your site or channel is looking for something that he or she may not tell you about, simply because he or she is usually not aware of it. That need is a need for exposure; exposure to a world of sophisticated varieties. I bet you that the more the choice of quality content you present to your website visitors, the better your site or channel will be for it.

At PM Ads, we attend to the needs of all businesses. From Travels to health, beauty to tech, we are there.  The chances that we will convert our referrals into paying customers on our platform are incredibly high because of our service reach, the more of your visit we convert, the higher your commission rates. I’m sure you know what that means!

#8 A Contingency For Your Site Visitors

Would you rather connect your site visitors to a group of average advertisers? I guess not. The more your affiliate program converts the visitor from your site or channel, the more your commission increases.  Browsing through our websites and social media pages, what do you see? You see a display of authority in advertising. We pride ourselves on our team that has an in-depth understanding of the world of marketing—be it traditional or digital. We have helped countless businesses generate leads and increase sales. From businesses on the brink of giving up on paid advertising to those who needed us to take their business to higher pedestals.

”I didn’t have any expectations about the efficacy of this medium. We have advertised on different websites before and didn’t receive any results, but with Angel Ad, we had a great response! This website has helped us to attract serious clients and increased our business sales”

–Rowland F.

How would you like to be responsible for linking a business to us? When you link a Have you thought about the image your referral will place in the business owner’s mind? Have you thought about how your increase in billable before us? I guess not.

#9 Communication/Affiliate Rep In Reach

In cases of special concerns, questions, or general inquiries, we have a dedicated team that works round the clock on our websites and Social Media platforms to help resolve complaints and concerns from our clients/ affiliates. They will promptly respond to your messages within minutes during working hours or on the morning of the next working day. This is one way we have helped resolve the challenges of our affiliates in the past.

#10 An Exciting Relationship

As an advertising agency, we have come to understand that the success of some of our marketing campaigns depended, largely, on our communication of love and care to the prospective and existing customers of our clients. This understanding has also helped breed a successful professional relationship with our affiliates. It is really not rocket science, if a customer or client feels loved by you, your marketing messages will hit closer to home for him or her. Eventually, every communication issues out from a place of love and care

This attribute has distinguished us—from the herd—since we began operations in 2013. It is our Unique Selling Proposition. We want to go over and beyond to ensure that our clients and professional networks are satisfied with our terms of service. We seek a brand of Affiliates who are comfortable with us. It is in this relationship we bank our confidence.

We are establishing a relationship that transcends our affiliate program when you register to become an affiliate with us. This seals you as a friend of our platform, automatically. We reward our friends in kind!